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1 child potty tips on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:38 pm


Here are a few 'trick' file for child potty you should know:

A. Be patient
You should only go potty when I noticed the message signal readiness. Usually a baby usually start new friendships with ages 2-3 years old.

First, you can suddenly begin to see the questions asked about the bathroom and toilet. Some children like to wear underwear or notify her parents that she had to stick dirty diapers ... These signs indicate your baby has started potty ready. And from here, you can give the link itself with the potty every time the toilet.

Two. Children gathered close to potty
Some young mothers recommended to buy a potty in the toilet room or even to the children may be exposed daily without danger to life when playing or when sitting on it for fun.

Alternatively, parents should buy the book or a special toy to encourage the father was familiar with in shortest time.

Training the habit of self-help parents potty more relaxed with the toilet every day of the child. (Photo).

3. Do not wear
Many mothers find that bottomed pants may delay the body supports the potty baby soon. Many parents also shared: that they often strip to their children in the morning and so the child will run to the potty sitting after two days wearing nothing.

With this tactic, sometimes the mother will have to deal with the inevitable accidents because children can be toilet indiscriminately while running to get up.

4. Praise and reward for her suggestions
If you know yourself baby potty most independent way, you cheer, clap and praise the child plenty of light because they suggest how to encourage children to continue to do more great things and that they themselves want to do it a few times.

In addition to verbal praise, many mothers also create rewards familiar to children such as candies, toys to encourage children.

Five. Do not use diapers
This recommendation is especially important for the baby when the child started potty. Because if longer use diapers again, you will make your child does not need to try to potty.

Besides, you should choose comfortable underwear for her instead of them was wearing a diaper. This also helps encourage children to use the toilet.

6. Guide to explain to children the potty
To help children understand the significance potty how to baby, mother baby father please explain to children is just a place to urinate and that is a miniature of her toilet.

7. Accept the risks when baby potty
When your child potty, they can shift work to urinate on it or they can be uncomfortable, even when potty accident. But parents should remember, accidents are just a normal and common part when he starts to potty. Just be patient and you should receive any of the failure is. Once accustomed, you will form habits and likes to go potty. intelligent children

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