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1 Light put her to sleep on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:37 pm


A working day 'shake' out, back to 'à CRAP' kind enough to entice the mother does not sleep, stress.

Nothing is harder than after a day's work fatigue, back up on you to take baby formula.

To help your baby sleep well and on time, you can use a few tips:

- The first is the habit of sleeping on time for the baby. Just to about 9 h - 9.30, your baby into the bedroom, opened the melodious medley music or lullabies gently patted her butt. Absolutely not talk and follow the requirements of the baby. Be sad because no one player will roll out to sleep.

- A dark space, comfort and help your baby to sleep earlier. If she feared the dark, the kind you can light the lamp. If places you in a hot climate, then lit the lamp of light cool if it cold where you lit the lamp with a warm glow.

- Because the baby is often afraid of feeling alone so baby sleeps around you to be all kinds of interesting little pillow favorite picture, create peace of mind for her, in case we go out that she woke up.

- Finally, the mothers should watch their diet and play activities of children. Baby Do not eat too much at night and play the games have strong feelings before bedtime. This will keep your baby awake.

Absolutely not yell at her and threatened that. Let your baby to sleep gently.
intelligent children

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