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1 Practice good posture for baby on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:32 pm


Legs straight, elongated and beautiful gait should be 'seeded' from her.

Bowing leg damage from her appearance until adulthood, it is extremely fears of every parent while parenting toddlers begin the walk of life. So how do you have?

Identify bowing legs
The normal two parallel legs will fit when standing straight, knees and both ankles were close fit inside each other. If the stand up, leaning on both sides of knee in the knee does not make the two fit straight, slotted between about 1.5 cm. Or normal knee, legs bent in or supply, has over 1.5 cm gap between the so-called abnormal phenomena, we call it bowing leg, foot medicine, call it the word O.

Legs straight, elongated and beautiful gait should be 'seeded' from her. (Photo).

Why do children appear bowing legs?
Children can pin bowing without Vitamin D. This is the most common cause cause leg bowing in children. Vitamin D can promote the body absorb calcium and phosphorus ensure normal bone development. If your diet lacks vitamin D daily were held for a long time, then use the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body that makes the development of bone stuck. As bone soft, hard, causing children with rickets. So when children begin to stand or walk, the right leg bearing your body vulnerable to leg bowing.

Inappropriate farming methods: youth standing too early or too long school time, lack of fitness. Children after the sick, weak body, often stand or walk for too long; parenting habits and living habits as well as some areas to soothe the child on her back regularly or frequently have young riding horses, asses ... So easy to do for children who are bowing legs.

Check on bone development in children
Mostly, babies under 6 months are so bent leg posture in the womb. This is called physiological curved legs. But do not massage, what impact, until 1 year old baby, she will straight legs. Because when that baby and take more exercise, self-adjusting bone.

From 2-4 years old, if she noticed, will notice your baby's knees may be crooked on the inside a little direction. From 4-6 years old, her legs will be straight back axis. The baby in this case completely without treatment.

Usually when children are born, the grandmother and mother use traditional methods "bent legs, bent arms" for the width is long. Even this more modern, the baby is massage, massage. But this does not work help straighten legs that just makes me feel tired, relaxed, good blood and regulate much more pleasant.

With the big baby that leg bent more, parents should think about their children to the doctor and ask for advice on axial bone surgery. Because if she was arched into the knee axis, not only unsightly, he may also be caused by degenerative knee pain, at risk of early failure knee.

Method for treatment of congenital disease is bowing bunch surgery (leg brace or cast) and coming back bone surgery. However, the method only when bound feet with no results, the new doctor with surgical intervention.

According to doctors physiotherapist Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, 3 years is the most reasonable time to wear a cast or splint. The greatest difficulty of the treatment is the attitude of the family partnership, by the time the bunch - brace, children always feel uncomfortable in the move. "If you pass this stage, young legs can be straight like a normal person", an expert of Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital said.

The gait "not pretty" common and common
Take two rows: two legs away from the rocks, has recently combined her gait was just kind of shrugged his two knees.

Take my toes (briefly in heels) she almost went with the first half of the front feet or toes. This position has not been nice to not make firm steps for baby wipe forward.

Going toe knee: gait opposed to two rows, some children went toe knee, knee jerk walk while thoe legs tend to back away from each other. The baby is going like this can be observed by looking under the soles of her shoes, or worn usually on the inside of the shoe heel.

Go jumping: common in children with hyperactive character.

Practice good posture for baby
Please use the game to train your baby to create the attraction but do not put pressure on exercise for this is the baby. Put the pieces of brilliant color decals or other graphics to attract, horizontal size of about 20 cm below the floor, in a straight line, requesting that he travel in straight lines. For gait "beautiful" for the body, guiding her head up, chin parallel to the ground, keep your back straight.

Or some other game, he suggested holding a book on top, go in a straight line without dropping the book.

Also you can give your baby a set of gentle exercises such as stretching, hands on her hips and dance to music to create the habit of keeping straight shoulders, back, hips and legs toned

Prevention is better than cure
Parents can prevent angulation and bowing to the baby right from birth by giving rural children exclusively breastfed for six months and full sun. From the age of weaning onwards, your baby should eat enough nutrients, adequate calcium and vitamin D is needed for children with dairy products, egg yolks ... Baby and sunbathing. Avoid feeding your baby more easily lead to obesity, creating "pressure" with his legs.

Do not force your baby to stand or walk too early compared with age, because of body weight will affect the legs. Every child has the bone structure, the development of different age walkers should also vary. She is not so anxious to compare "Why is my house each month-old has not come and stand". In addition, each child has different bone structure will also be sessions to different, parents should not be hasty. intelligent children

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