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1 Foot pain because she gained weight so fast on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:27 pm


These days, the 7 year old son always says foot pain for unknown reasons, Russia (collective of Technology, Hanoi) take me to the Central Hospital for examination. After the test session, taking projection, the doctor concluded, the culprit causing pain to his legs phenomenon is due to heavy weight and weight gain does not match the structure, bone growth at the age of of the baby.

The doctor also said that the mother, the child likes to eat the evening of the family makes in her diet is not balanced as excess fat, starch that lacks fiber, calcium and vitamins naturally in vegetables.

Many children are overweight due to less mobilization time
According to a research program (by Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center conducted) of the year, a condition that causes child obesity in children increases the city doubled in the past 10 years is the lack of space and little time for exercise. The survey showed that daily time budgets of most cities is little for learning: The 8-hour school day boarding schools; after 5 pm weekends and her parents also placed tight schedule sessions for education, a gifted ... After dinner, he continued studying and then sleep. The main recreational activities of children are watching television, reading stories or playing games, surfing the internet sit ...

In particular, because the priority for the learning of children that most families are not so little town with the conditions involved chores like cleaning the house to help parents and care for trees or help her go to the market. .. That makes them less likely to have more opportunity to exercise more.

Be overweight because fast food, sugar-rich
To save time, many parents are feeding the fast food rich in sugar, fat but have poor nutrition leads to obesity began to increase rapidly. Implications trend baby suffering from diseases related to metabolic disorders and chronic diseases such as diabetes (cardiovascular, cancer, hypertension, osteoarthritis lesions, fatty liver, increased fat in the blood, the disease reasonable care ...) and at the same time, small not to affect the baby's psychological.

Synthetic investigation of Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center found that about 21.4% to primary school students in HCM City were overweight. The degree of obesity in this age group is 17%. For secondary school students, 15.7% are overweight; 6.8% obese. 9.4% of high school students are overweight and 2.3% obese. Meanwhile, 12% of children under age 5 are overweight, obese.

Ministry of Health admitted that the rate of children under 5 years of age overweight equivalent stunting malnutrition, low birth weight, which is a very alarming but with obese children, implications for disease accompanied by very more later.

Dr. Do Thi Ngoc Diep (Director of Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center), through deep research in primary school and Duong Minh Chau Trieu Thi Trinh Primary School (District 10) showed that over 60% of students cholesterol higher than normal.

But Dr. Le Thi Hai (Center Director and Consultant Medical examination Nutrition - National Institute of Nutrition) confirmed that overweight children are at risk of heart attack (or myocardial infarction) is 5 times higher with normal-weight baby. However, many pre-schools, primary schools is still not adequate attention to this issue. Even with the school also has reduced child obesity rate is over the years in order to achieve performance report. intelligent children

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