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1 Care for children with chicken pox on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:27 pm


Now is the time of chickenpox "attack" children, especially children are enrolled in preschool because the disease spreads very quickly in the environment kindergartens and schools. Although benign, but if not cared for properly, the disease will cause more long-off and dangerous complications.

Take children to visit
When a child has chicken pox, with the expression: mild fever, sore throat, headache, erythema popular then quickly turn into water balloons at first cloudy fluid in the chemical, which appears in yourself, first hand, limbs, oral mucosa, genitals, ... Parents need to take the child to medical facility for examination and appropriate treatment indications.

Properly care for children with chickenpox will avoid the serious complications Photo: MH

Isolate the child
Chickenpox is highly contagious from person to person by direct contact or through the air by the patient talking or sneezing. Even in the incubation period, ie before the red rash appears, was able to infect others until the blisters have burst, then crust over, can still infect others when in close contact .

The average person about 1-2 weeks after contact with chickenpox patients may be infected. So children need isolation from others may be immune. It is best for the children leave school until healed to prevent the spread. All personal belongings of the child such as dishes, towels, toothbrushes, ... used to own.

The concept of the country to abstain with chickenpox, do not bathe the children was wrong. When chicken pox infection is the most common complication, manifested mainly skin infections. As to the redness, itching, scratching as young or broken bumps, scratches in the skin conditions for bacteria to easily penetrate the skin causing multiple infections, and even cause septicemia, meningitis ... can lead to death.

So keep your children by hygiene: Use warm water and a soft cloth waterproof baby wipes, gentle cleaning, avoid peeling of the chicken pox spots. Then use a dry absorbent cloth buckets and clothes for children. Note hygienic housing, bedding, children's room is not cool, not draughty. Remind children not to scratch the chicken pox spots.

Ensure nutrition
Need for children to eat nutritious, soft foods, easily digested, such as porridge, soup, drink plenty of fluids such as water, broth and eat more fruit vitamins like oranges, bananas, ...

With treatment and proper care, only after about a week - 10 days, the sores and chicken pox will dry desquamation, after a bruising period will end and no scarring.

Note: In the course of treatment and child care still need to pay attention carefully monitor the child's status. If the child has no signs of high fever or fever cooled but returned suddenly high fever, chicken pox or acne cause scratching breaks the skin should immediately take the child to medical facility for prompt treatment.
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