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Are you sure after setting off a trip as a couple, now back home, you still are a pair of two food ideas? Tourism can make friends and love to be understood and loved each other, but also a pushing the two apart.

Each journey even though short-term plans are needed. If they go together, as both your advice to discuss before the trip, about everything and how to move, where the destination will be visiting, the activities will play together in places to.

Choose the same or turn the kind of tourism is also equally important. If a portable backpack and go like dust, like the rest of the tour, or who like to lie next to a beach full of sun and wind, the other prefers traveling the road passes over the same two you definitely need there is a consensus.

If your strengths son is reading and research about the destination, while the girls are very good at sort of luggage, the two of you please assign each person a job. Believe me, the preparation for the journey is a hard road no less, but if you two do together, it will be an opportunity for two people understand each other and sticking.

Take only what is needed. Do not bring the whole house on a backpack that you wear behind. Only when sweat with silky long way to walk, you know that the actual weight pressing down the backpack. Although the lover, when travel per person will have to carry your belongings, you can not ask the other person take it during the journey, so tired lovers like you. So, the advice given is to reduce your beauty tools, clothing, as well as electronic devices are not needed at home.

Location next to, find a place to stay if missed bus or train, to go diving or mountain climbing ... is that the two decided to take turns on the road. Do not wear any of the two you have to do "leader" and decides everything. Every journey needs a consensus, and even the decision also demonstrates how the two of you sharing your life together.

All elements of care, patience, tolerance ... but a love to have, the more need to play when you travel. People at home often imagine traveling is fun, relaxing, they do not know that sometimes you have to get up from two dawn or not sleep all night to sunrise at a certain place, or sometimes two you will have to sit a few days on both the bus or train, and sometimes faced with situations of either health weakness, and delayed journey. Instead of blaming each other in a state of exhaustion, trip puzzled about how to continue, please take a few days rest, living the everyday life of local people. Eventually you will see that it is the necessary space for a long trip.

Record your private moments together. Do not let this person handle the situation for the other cameras, then ask someone else struggled shooting the two of you. To address this situation, a tripod is a good idea if you want to take pictures anywhere together. Later when I look back to two people have the same photo shoot is more interesting is that only one person alone.

Dating in a strange place. Do not forget your two lovers, and even the dust of the journey you have experienced rain on the roads pass, the blazing sun on the desert or simply attack the skin of the winter cold, remember to take time to enjoy a period not to trouble myself about this work. A romantic evening in the candlelit restaurant, sitting on the beach drinking beer the night, go see a movie or attend a festival that ... The happy moments together on the journey in a remote would certainly be strange memories that you never forget.
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