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while your friends are occupied with the study at a university or any college, or Huyen Huyen Nguyen Thi Khanh Chip (born 1990) a portable backpack onto his shoulders and around the world. The departure of the district by a distant goal, simply "because I want to go alone."

Portable backpack on and go

22 year old girl recalls the period before the trip around the world began "20 years old, while working in Malaysia, work, colleagues, work environment, all very good, but I get see my life like I'm walking on air exit. If any do and wait for raises, promotions, happens when the man was old and die. I want to go to really know what they want this life. 20 years old, then I just like a child, told me that you want to travel around the world, the world is going. "

Huyen before Khafre Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt.

And Huyen come true, with just $ 700 bag. After the tongue "to harrow to" put feet to 25 countries Huyen, her heart attachment with India in the past four months, spent another three months in Nepal, as well as daily life lived for three other month in Israel.

In 24 months the net, sometimes friends and relatives will be startled to see Huyen appeared as a guest to a party, or are participating in the ceremony in the advertising or film in India. At another time, Huyen become a casino worker in Tanzania, events in Nepal or are painstakingly writing for a tech site in Israel. She is not oblivious meticulous work and time as input data for a site about contacts in Zambia.

Each Huyen arrived, she would try to visit at least one orphanage.

Journey alone but not lonely young girl's Vietnamese is also filled with volunteer work for orphans and the elderly in Nepal, Myanmar and Kenya. Christmas but Huyen has experienced so far in Nepal still remains in her the very sweet taste with 50 boys and girls Hindu Noel never known in my life.

"I and five other partners buy candy, taught singing, dancing with the children. Banquet disabled, we hugged goodbye. They attached so they lined up to embrace me, every child This finished, went hug ... next in line to ... hug. " Mysterious smile recalled "When he teaches children how to write their dreams on paper, I wrote a lot later grew up to marry her chips."

During his journey, Huyen has been a lot of good for a ride. In her application for the transit time from Ethiopia through Kenya, on one of the most dangerous roads in Africa.

"In Vietnam, no one will ever love me"

Describing himself as a "bad girl" with ruffled hair, round face, black fire, Huyen laugh when talking to me "My mother will be angry over my fear ... ế husband. In Vietnam, people evaluate each other by assets, by degrees, by having a decent husband or wife. I am now, without qualification, income equal to 0 and did not even have a boyfriend does. Make it so she said, after two years wandering the galaxy, I am now worse than before. "

Fishing in Lamu, Kenya

But if there is enough time to chat with this young girl, you will realize that radiate from interesting people in different Huyen and dare to differ.

If, after graduating with a mass of Gifted Math Science University, Huyen decided to study in a prestigious university, she certainly did not go to work immediately after graduating from grade 3, and was asked to for the company reputation in Vietnam and Malaysia.

Mystical Himalayas.

If not decided to "go bush", now this has become perhaps accounting Huyen, take a gentle guy that same home as her husband. But now, she has the opportunity to live freely with their youth between foreign lands, see the world through the eyes of her own.

And if not different, passionate little girl climbing, kickboxing and martial arts was not selected as the African sun for nine months.

"I have to Europe, saying that this place does not have much more challenging for people to dust. Africa still is a black spot in the world and it inspired me to come here," Huyen said.

"If I do not make decisions on, maybe I still was a little girl shyly countryside, computer users do not know, do not speak English, do not know the outside world are." Huyen said with confident eyes. "In a year of dust I found myself learning more about that year in Vietnam. Trip gave me to understand their place in this world. I lived reality. Now, I'm still young and do not know will go nowhere in this life, but knew I was coming ever closer to living your life purpose. "

Legendary group after you camp overnight motorcycle trip around Nepal. In the last two years traveling, she has a lot of friends.

"I wish all the young people of Vietnam have the opportunity"

Recognizing otherwise challenge yourself with this courageous journey, perhaps now would be very warm memories Huyen reading diary of someone's journey, and thought it must be thankful to be able to go like that. She always desire that all young people of Vietnam will also have the opportunity to go.

Before Victoria falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe border

Had to "wrestle" to gather tons of information, from visa for Vietnamese story, going from Vietnam to other countries, as well as cultural differences between Vietnam and other countries was, Huyen embrace ambition to build a portal and wrote a travel guide Lonely Planet par for the Vietnamese. The book provides basic information and details for the Vietnamese to go to most countries.

Along with friends at Lag BaOmer Festival, Israel

Huyen is in the process of writing. When completed, the book entitled "Bags backpack up and go" certainly is a product Huyen simmering for a long time.

"I'm not a hot girl and it's certainly not a reason to sell books. Friends even joked that also requires bad as I write books. I just wish the book was, I can share the thirst outlook for many people, partly to help young people of Vietnam are longing look at the world. " Huyen said.
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