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1 The trick aware of safe vegetables on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:18 pm


Please recommend some experience and awareness of safe vegetables unsafe to refer you.

Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, protein, sugar, because of necessity for the human body, increases the rate of digestion, assimilation and the ability to absorb nutrients the body, increasing appetite for delicious other dishes. However, in recent years, the vegetable poisoning cases are increasing and are difficult to control, affect human health.

The main reason leading to unsafe vegetables is because the producers have not complied with the technical process was recommended for planting, training (especially on fertilizing, watering, pest control), vegetables infection during harvesting, storage, circulation and distribution. Please recommend some experience and awareness of safe vegetables are not safe for you to read reference.

Bitter melon: the larger fruits, dark green, smooth cool, bloated body, smooth skin picking fruit from trees are more nitrogen fertilizers, growth stimulants should be poor quality and often toxic when eaten. You should choose a moderate effect size by type cultivars, the shell has many tiny near the safe use and quality.

Bitter melon should choose a moderate effect size by type cultivars, the shell has many tiny tendons. (Artwork)

Vegetables: immature and grass, green leaves removed, no sign pests, stout body and bathe all the vegetables that are much nitrogen fertilizer nitrate. You should not use vegetables, especially raw.

Bean: the long, glossy, less fluff, clearly segmented, almost no traces of any diseased fruit, it was parked there many foliar fertilizers, inorganic substances may be absorbed into the metabolic effects the organic, with spraying chemical pesticides close to harvest time, eating beans is susceptible to malicious.

Sprouts: the tiny price mix, peeled white body, at a price to be soaked roots through a technology "horror": when the beans sprout, people use fertilizer mixed with other pesticides, bringing diluted sprout irrigation and composting rates contained, drugs work faster end sprouts germinate and grow normally. This cost will have to stir muddy water, loss of appetite and easy toxic.

Identify vegetables for good health.

Vegetables need water: vegetables should not be bulging body, body, and peeled white looked unusual because this type should have been assigned too much fertilizer (manure, chemical fertilizer, manure, leaf) and multiple drug injection pest. Need this kind of withered and wilted more rapidly after harvest, reduced quality and also more vulnerable to toxic when eaten.

When the vegetables are processed kelp (vegetables, cabbage ...) you should separate each leaf and cut out the leaf stem, leaf pick up the deep, soaking vegetables in water or dilute salt water mix potassium permanganate in time about 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly to bring fish out under running water several times before processing. This approach is simple but very effective, can clean up pesticides and fertilizers on vegetables adhesive, which acts as an antiseptic, cleansing helminth egg on vegetables, thereby reducing the risk of infection drug chemical and other harmful microorganisms on the user's body, especially when eating raw vegetables.
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