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1 Children are slow to speak on Sat Apr 28, 2012 2:25 pm


Said merely slow down the language and failure to develop language ability in children are common today.

Although not related to mental retardation but no less real parents worried by unknown causes, treatment do? And later they can say normal?

Patience teaches children learn to pronounce - Photo: NCT

Unlike the slow speaking of autism, delayed speech children can understand simple words and perform some simple orders of adults. Children suffering from slow to speak with many different manifestations. Some kids just emit sound meaningless, repeated incessantly and could not speak some simple words. Having children speak clearly but only say single words, not able to join two words or more than two words together. Children often say single words to express needs and for some two-word compound words, children speak only from the end of the word, often referred to as clawed tail expression.

Some children are not clear pronunciation but have the ability to use words and phrases to express communication information, such as using language correctly, called the needs and feelings to adults response.

Having children speak well, speak relatively long sentences but can not understand the language to answer or respond to the orders of adults. Children can read a rather long dialogue on television advertising, said the sentences that adults fairly accurate guide, obviously. However, it is only able to say mechanically, thinking about the child's language development. Children are not able to answer questions of others that just repeat the question mechanically or fail quietly.

Except for the case of children with language delay causes of injuries from entities such as hearing loss, pronounced defects agencies, mental retardation in other cases, the parents are trying to find answer to the child's language delay. Many repentant, and his own tormented and tormenting each other for failing to take full child: the child alone, assigned the maid kept, discarded, rejected children, family discord hurt child psychology ... It's not exactly the reasons that children are slow to speak but only factors affecting the process of child language development. Experts recommend that parents should help children find language rather than finding the cause of this phenomenon and then panic when he deflected in learning.

Today is a special intervention measures most effective in the treatment of language delay in children. They also strive to understand and apply methods PECS - means the system communicate through images - to help those who have difficulty in using language and communication.

The parents contribute greatly to children with language delay intervention. Many parents still do not work well with professional intervention in the treatment of language for children, no child care and mercy for the interventionist. Also covered younger parents too, not to children exposed to ambient and seems reluctant to let children into the environment outside without her. In particular, many parents create pressure for interventionist, for children and for themselves when a request is put in a short time, children can learn pronunciation and speak like normal.

Children with language delay interventions require a long time, perseverance and good cooperation between teachers and parents. No miracle can happen without the tireless efforts of both interventionist and parents.

Language Milestones
For a young normal language development, there are some memorable milestones:

* 0-3 months: pronunciation sounds instinctively sense

* 6 months: start babbling lips sounds like papa, mama ... the child can hear and know about black.

* 12 months: speak single words and express needs through single words, there are about 10 from the capital and only the items that they want.

* 18 months: 30-40 from capital increase

* 2 years of age have a vocabulary of about 200 words and most of them are nouns

* 3 years: capital increased rapidly, from about 3000-4000, speak short sentences.

Compared with the milestones, if a child 2 years old but still is not talking, they shall be classified as late talkers
intelligent children

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