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1 7 things not to do after eating eggs on Tue May 22, 2012 2:58 pm


There are some things should not be implemented right after eating eggs to avoid damage to health.

A. Do not eat sugar

Do not process the eggs together with monosodium glutamate (glutamate) is something that many people probably already know. But many women may not know that eggs should not be cooked with sugar or without sugar after eating eggs. In many places even have a habit of meat processing store to get eggs with caramel color. In fact, this will make fructose amino acids in egg protein conjugation with lysine. This substance is difficult to absorb by the body, thus creating adverse health effects.

Two. Do not eat persimmons

Eating red after eating eggs is one of the causes of food poisoning and acute gastroenteritis. After eating 1-2 hours you may vomit. When it needs to take immediate solution including 20g salt and 200ml boiling water. If you are not vomiting, you need to drink plenty of time to promote vomiting. Or you can also use fresh ginger juice mixed with warm water. Then you still need to take laxatives to eliminate toxic substances in the body.

3. Do not drink soy milk

Every morning waking up, a careful mother preparing breakfast for children. Want their children adequate nutrition from early morning to prepare her so many diets, including fried eggs and soy milk. Children often drink milk after eating eggs to quench their thirst.

Soy milk after eating eggs is not good for digestion. (Artwork)
In fact, soy milk contains vegetable protein, fats, carbohydrates, nutrients, including vitamins, minerals ... have a good nutritious effects. Soy milk contains the trypsin inhibitor, can inhibit the activity of humans, affecting digestion and absorption of protein in the human body. If the referendum along with eating soy milk protein test may represent trypsin in combination with soy milk make the process of protein degradation is hindered and significantly reduce the rate of protein absorption in the body.

In addition, soy milk contain protidaza cause protein in eggs, affecting digestion.

4. Do not eat goose meat, rabbit meat

Do not eat goose meat, rabbit meat after eating eggs, the cause is because rabbit meat, fresh goose, the welding, the eggs of this food group, both of which contain some biologically active substances eating together will stimulate reactions gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea.

Five. Do not eat turtle

When the eggs have a lot of taboos you need special attention. For example, eating turtle eggs at the same time can lead to food poisoning. Especially those tired, cold as not to eat. For pregnant women, sometimes bad digestion is not suitable for eating this way.

No anti-inflammatory medication after eating eggs. (Artwork)
6. Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs

Eggs are rich in protein, while the inflammation in the body is related to the protein. So when the inflammation begins, remember medication after eating eggs. Especially gastrointestinal disease, diarrhea, could not even eat eggs.

Eggs contain protein will increase the burden on the stomach, the relative impact to the absorption and digestion.

7. Do not drink tea

The people of Vietnam has a special habit of drinking tea after meals. Because that tea helps clean the mouth, and helps support digestion. But things are actually quite the opposite. Drinking tea after eating eggs is harmful to the body.

Tea contains tannic acid combines with tannic acid protein forming protein slow down the bowel movements, prolonged storage time distribution in the gut, not only cause constipation, but also increases the risk of hoarding substances harmful to the body and cause cancer substances detrimental impacts on human health.

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