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When your mood is anxiety, fear, try one of five powdered powdered foods good for your mood following light.

What is good food for your mood?

It is essential foods provide the nutrients necessary for the organs of the body, mind games help you feel better and happier.

Top 5 foods causing extreme mood supplement

With 5 food below, you will own a life healthier and happier. Make that "ignore" less nutritious foods and powdered powdered accept these foods to keep your mood stable home and sublimation.

Fish with Omega-3 acids

According to, a larger deficit after Omega-3 acid was significantly stable after 4 months of Omega-3 supplement in salmon. The only clear conclusion: Omega-3 is effective in maintaining a stable mood and feelings over time.

Top 5 foods causing extreme mood supplement

Omega-3 found in many species of fish and even shellfish also contain this omega 3 fatty acids. Some types carry more Omega-3 fish such as salmon, herring, mackerel, shrimp, catfish, blue crab ....

So if you feel my mood is fatally defective, you ask yourself these foods served lightly. That's what you need at this time. Try combining the fish in the diet at least three times a week to reap the benefits and the best possible sense.

Spinach (also known as spinach)

As a garden plant with large dark green leaves which they called his or spinach here. When feeling tired, spinach can cure you. Because fatigue is caused by iron deficiency, but this vegetable helps effective iron supplements here.

If not a fan of cooked spinach, you can mix with raw leaf spinach leaves Reap and other vegetables form a salad full of nutrients and attractive home.


Lobster is an effective food increased excitement for your mood because it contains many essential amino acids and rich in flavor high.

You can accept amino acids from chemical or sleep in the chicken but you can also find it in other foods such as lobster. If you do not have opportunity to buy shrimp on a once a week there are far more similar to other foods can be replaced here. For example: Sunflower seeds, eggs, cheese made from milk, pineapple, tofu, tofu, spinach, bananas, soy milk, chicken

Almonds and walnuts (pecans)

You know, a few almonds or peach or avocado seed pack containing vitamin B, especially vitamin B6 here. Vitamin B6 help the body convert amino acids and other compounds in the tissues that are most needed, especially in blood platelets, intestinal muscle and nervous system again. Whenever you consume foods rich in amino acids, you need to remember to eat foods rich in vitamin B home. Foods rich in vitamin B can also relieve anxiety and boredom quickly here.

The almond is a quick and easy to get Vitamin B for you. Without the fruit or nuts, you can replace it with some dark green vegetables such as broccoli, kale or broccoli relatives. These vegetables also have enough vitamin B there friend.

Oranges and tangerines

According to, the Vitamin C is found rich in fruits of citrus. When you stress the body with orange, grapefruit, fruit ki vi, strawberries ... Broccoli and green peppers are also a lot of Vitamin C. Therefore, try and match the dishes with salads vegetables lightly. - - - - - - - - - -

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