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Additional foods as powdered powdered mode for enhanced vision slightly.

Besides the beauty of skin, strawberry also contains vitamin C and fructose are very high, in which the concentration of minerals such as K, Na, Fe ... also very rich effect prevent cataracts, preventing oxidation.

These foods help windows to the soul sparkle

In addition, strawberries contain flavonoids - an optimal quality to protect the most sensitive regions of the eye, reducing the risk of degenerative aging human eye - the main reason leading to blindness in older years later there.


Mackerel and other fish like salmon are rich in protein, fat and especially Omega-3 helps eyes brighter and more enhanced vision. Scientists have suggested that eating fish three times a week can reduce 50% reduced risk of eye and vision related eye disease as age getting older.

These foods help windows to the soul sparkle

It is known that fatty acids can protect eyes by preventing the formation of the original array in the arteries or reducing inflammation, blood vessel structure and the cell damage related to oxygen in the retina. Therefore, it effectively protects dry eyes in which the function of the tear glands do not work well and corneal scarring.


You know, sweet potato plants containing a source of vitamins A and C here. Also works well with human gastric disease, diabetes, sweet potato contains antioxidants efficient, very good for the skin and cause strong vision.

Sweet potatoes also helps to reduce skin and eye lesions, restoration of tissues and cells quickly die.


Would not you know, carrots contain high levels of vitamin A - a vitamin essential to protect your eyes and allow your window to the soul of effective operation.

If that's often night blindness, eye strain .... your regular powdered powdered carrots will help strengthen the vision clear. Because carrots are likely to increase their resistance to the lining of the eye, enhance immunity, anti-bacterial for the eye again.


Soybean seeds, nuts .... containing vitamin E helps prevent oxidation and protect the body, prevent cataracts, conjunctivitis eye. According to several studies also confirmed that some powdered powdered seeds took a week to reduce the risk of eye aging to 35% after 10 years. - - - - - - - - - -

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