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1 5 nourishing food hot day on Tue May 08, 2012 3:37 pm


According to Oriental medicine, it should be based on the change of weather to adjust your diet accordingly, so the body can healthy. Tell you the following nourishing food to help reduce fatigue due to weather.

Room feel sunny, sore throat treatment: honeysuckle flower Porridge

Ingredients: honeysuckle flower 30g, rice 50g, water 300ml.

Method: sweet honeysuckle flower, the welding, cool flavor, boil, and then she took 150ml. Then the rice and cook into porridge.

Day 2 times dark and light food, can prevent influenza, headache, sore throat. People with heart disease, hypertension can also be used.

Heat, hot solutions: Lotus Leaf Porridge

Material: Leaves a fresh lotus leaves, 100g glutinous rice, sugar candy sufficient amount of water 500g.

Method: Wash the lotus leaves, chopped, 150ml boiling water tight. Then add rice, porridge cooked candy.

Eat 2 times a day morning and evening. Fragrant lotus leaf, with efficacy of heat, sun solutions, bars, lower blood pressure, weight loss ... the lotus soup is the heat dose, do not feel bad solution for a hot day.

Heat: Water green beans

Green bean water is nourishing drink additional water works, gas interests, solution manuals, soft drinks. Green beans cool, sweet, with efficacy of the heat, detoxification, except fire.

Ingredients: Green beans 85 grams, 1.3 liters of water.

Method: Soak chickpeas in water for 30 minutes, then let the water in a blender, add sugar to use.

Asthenia: Ginseng Porridge Atlantic

Atlantic ginseng, also known as American ginseng, which helps prevent fatigue, lack of oxygen. When you feel dry mouth, thirst, body fatigue, lack of energy, you can also add a little ginseng into porridge or Atlantic bone tunnels to eat.

Ingredients: Atlantic 3g ginseng, jujube 10 fruits, 100g glutinous rice.

Method: Wash cucumbers Atlantic, soaked through one night, then shred. Jujube washed rice into a saucepan along Atlantic and ginseng has been soaked with water just enough heat for 40 minutes to use.

Constipation: black sesame porridge

Sesame has a laxative effect, communication facilities, constipation. In addition, with protein and unsaturated fat-rich, sesame also help stabilize blood sugar, has a protective effect on joints, skin beauty.

Ingredients: Black Sesame 30g, 100g glutinous rice.

Method: Dry Roasted black sesame until cracking. Then cook the rice with black sesame porridge. Can be eaten any time of day. - - - - - - - - - -

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