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Although formula milk may sound similar, but the quality of soy milk depends very much on the manufacturing process. And so, what kind of soy milk is not processed properly can sometimes be as effective nutritional theory.

The study by scientists worldwide will lead to the conclusion about the positive support to health, especially women's health of soy milk. This makes soy milk becomes more familiar to consumers and nutritionists recommend regular use.

In Vietnam, can find soy milk everywhere, from such a luxurious high-end coffee shop toads to sidewalks, from restaurant to a retail milk bars in a corner market. Soy milk does ... also known as soy milk, are people who drink and introduce you believe about nutritious, safe, sanitary, healthy ...

The soy milk is actually quite simple: dry soybeans soaked, ground fine, take out the trash prune juice boiled beans. Simply, these are not easy to have a delicious cup of soy milk, pineapple, fat ... at prices affordable while nutrients are kept intact and do not rise to more hazardous to health.

To achieve all these requirements, the need to pay attention to many things during processing. Firstly, raw material selection. Must choose a new soy, clean, there is no mold. Vo beans washed clean and remove the seeds fail, flooding ... (milk can be bitter) before soaked and finely ground.

On average 100-200g dried soybeans were 1 liter of juice squeezed soy depending on specialty drinks or liquid, the quality of dry beans. Cook beans and broth has boiled for about 20g of sugar to 1 liter of soy milk is balance.

After boiling milk up to 2 hours, start to soy milk storage in the refrigerator compartment. Milk is handcrafted and sterilized by boiling cooking methods as simple as this should only be used within 24 hours whether they are refrigerated.

If milk storage in ambient temperature conditions generally, after 6 hours the number of bacteria in milk has increased to levels likely to cause gastrointestinal infection even though the sensory and taste has not changed so much recognize. Processing tools and should also contain milk wash, blanch in boiling water and dried after use to prepare for subsequent processing times.
A delicious cup of soy milk at home is a choice "wise" to keep the nutrients in soybeans

Many people like to drink real milk fat, can also add 20-30g peanuts (peanuts) in the soaking soybeans and grinding. Of course, better taste can also lead to some of the implications of nutrition and food safety such as increased energy, increased fat in the diet, shelf life and storage conditions must be more closely because high fat is the fat in peanuts is easily oxidized, creating sensory appetite increases even antioxidants into the body.

Soy milk characteristics to the finished cooked everywhere though usually moderate viscosity, bland, not much fat and white slightly green. The pure soy milk (ie do not add other ingredients such as green beans, peanuts ... in part) if the thick, fat lot, yellowish white ... could have used more accessories food to make thick, increasing the fat ...

If you can not cook soy milk at home, still the best soy milk should buy from other places can be trusted, source control, processing, product registration ... to reduce the maximum the risk to health.

If calculated as a beverage, soy milk can be used for all subjects from children to elderly people. Particularly for women especially women in menopause, soy milk can be used as a positive nutritional therapy to prevent disease and maintain youthfulness. Nutritionists often recommend that every woman in this age should drink at least 400ml of soy milk per day.

In Vietnam, bean milk follow the manual method is often offered for sale the morning. However, according to research on food safety, soy milk products are often not ensure food hygiene.

Many families choose to make Vietnam soy milk at home but this accounts for a lot of time and effort. The housewife may choose a soy milk maker of prestigious brands on the market, the processing into the delicious glass of soy milk, hygiene becomes extremely simple. - - - - - - - - - -

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