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Iron deficiency, the transport of oxygen to body tissues as well as the oxygen reserves in the somatic tissues would decline, making the body inefficient operation.

TS.BS Tran Thi Minh Hanh, deputy director of Ho Chi Minh City Nutrition Center, the majority of children with iron deficiency usually manifests in the form of reduced iron stores in the body, only a few cases become severe iron deficiency anemia iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency affects the development of intelligence and behavior, as a result important and most dangerous. If iron deficiency occurs early in life, especially during the first few months, will affect the mental development index - the next movement.

Children aged 1-3 years is the age at risk for iron deficiency anemia as demand for higher growth in the diet does not provide enough iron needed if unnoticed. Sources of iron from animal foods such as lean meat, liver levels are high and easily absorbed, so it's necessary for young children.

Iron in plant foods often have lower concentrations and absorption of food is also less than animals. So the child's diet should be animal protein snack for children and to the right time and processed properly. Iron-rich foods include animal foods such as pork liver, chicken liver, beef liver, red meats (beef, pork ...), the dark green leafy vegetables (spinach, spinach, water spinach ...), types of milk powder, flour and grain feeding on supplements.

Nguyen Thi Thu Hau BSCKII, Head of Nutrition, Children's Hospital said second city, iron is absorbed in the first part the small intestine, absorption rate varies according to the needs of the body and the presence of substances in the diet. When increasing the gastric acid increases iron absorption such as vitamin C, iron will absorb less than if reducing stomach acid.

Breast milk iron is absorbed to 50% while the iron in cow's milk is absorbed only about 10%, so that children get too much fresh cow's milk without eating enough iron-rich foods will be at risk of iron deficiency anemia high, this is the reason why not to use fresh cow's milk for infants under 1 year.
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